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You should also turn on paging so that your users will be able to see more than just the first item in your collection.

While the Enable Paging option doesn't appear on the Form View's Smart Tag, it's available from the Form View's Properties list; just set the property to True (you can use the Pager Settings properties to control what controls are displayed for paging).

When the Data Bindings dialog appears, the dropdown lists that normally display the items you can bind to will be empty.

Instead, you'll need to enter a binding expression in the Code Expression textbox at the bottom of the dialog.

By using the paging controls at the bottom of the Form View, you'll be able to page through your data.After dropping the Form View onto your page, add, in the Page Load event, the code to build your collection of objects and set the Data View's Data Source property to that collection.You'll also need to store that collection somewhere in-between the user's trips to the server -- the Session object is a good choice.You won't get automatic generation of the Data View's templates and you'll have to write a little code, but from the user's point of view, everything works as if your Data View was tied to a Data Source.So here's how to use a Form View to display—and let the user update -- any collection of objects.

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