Ralph bledsoe dating psychos

Most memorable moment: Dragging Chet through the mud and saying he didn't care that he was hurt Days 20 to 41 He was just really irritating the entire season.

He basically destroyed Chet in one of the challenges, bashing him into every post, dragging him along.

In Survivor there is a line, and I think he's one of the people that crossed it and it wasn't in an entertaining, great gameplay, sort of way.

He was arrogant and condescending, especially when dealing with Jan...basically telling her that third place was good for her.

"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." - Adam Lambert Days 20 to 38 I will start him off on a good note, prior to the merge in Africa he was not all that bad and was in the Top 10 of my likes for the season.

The minute that you begin to take Coach for the joke that he is -- and realize that the editors are making fun of him -- is the minute you will slay *your* inner dragon.

Most memorable moment: The entirety of Episode 2 Days 1 to 8 I really didn't like his "I'm better and smarter than everyone else" attitude, especially since it wasn't true.

He basically, single handedly, ruined the second half of Africa for me.

The crusade he had against Kelly was horrendous and I wish he went then instead of her.

Probably the biggest reason why I do not like him is because of his Tribal Council meltdown.

He was extremely abrasive and seemed to have no social skills whatsoever.

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