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For those in a state of grievous sin confession is necessary. Deacons were often deputed for this office in the early Church.Priests can now by general custom administer Communion to everyone assisting at their Masses in public churches and oratories. For real reception of the Blessed Eucharist it is required that the sacred species be received into the stomach.For this alone is the eating referred to by our Lord ( John ).For the Viaticum, permission of the parish priest is ordinarily required.Communion should be administered to all those who ask it reasonably, excluding, at least until they make sufficient reparation, public sinners and such as lead openly scandalous lives.

Dec 25 – Nicola Karen, 18, stabbed at a house in Droylsden, Manchester.

There are some exceptions: viaticum can be given at any hour; it is lawful in cases of illness and of special indult.

It may not be given except as Viaticum, from the conclusion of the exposition on Holy Thursday till Holy Saturday.

Each one should receive according to the Rite to which he belongs.

When administering Holy Communion outside Mass a priest should always wear a surplice and stole, and there should be two lights burning on the altar.

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