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No, leave the effective date as NOW if: Most clients that use detailed hourly fee structures, use a rate rule that looks at the charge line date, timekeeper, per hour rate, law firm office the matter is assigned to, and fee structure ID on the matter.

This is compared to the active or inactive fee offer (voided fee offers are ignored) for that fee structure ID, for that law firm office, with that effective date.

Here is how to show last updated date on your Word Press blog posts.

Locate the code that shows the post’s date and time in your theme files (usually in or single.php).

At WPBeginner, we show the last updated date of an article instead of the publish date.

Last updated dates are particularly useful for sites where content is regularly updated.

On the other hand, choosing a date and time in the past will update the date and change the post’s position in your site’s archive pages.Some users believe that they should remove dates altogether from their blogs to trick search engines into believing that their content is not time-sensitive and is always fresh. It does not help with your site’s SEO, and it’s terrible for user experience.See our article on why you should not remove dates from your Word Press blog posts for more information on this topic.If the timekeeper is found, then that is the rate used to check rates.If the timekeeper is not found, it looks for the timekeeper on the next fee offer, etc. So, the first time a timekeeper is on a fee offer, their rates effectively go back in time indefinitely.

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